Aluminium Decking

Synergised aluminium decking systems have been independently tested at the UK’s Premier fire testing centre and comply with EN13823, EN13501 and EN ISO 1716 and achieves a minimum of A2fl-s1 which satisfies all current and proposed legal requirements (Click here to view fire test certificate)

Our aluminium decking systems have been designed for ease of use and speed of installation.

Using our unique stainless-steel hidden clip fixing system Synergised deck boards can be quickly and easily affixed to aluminium, polymer, or timber subframes.

Synergised aluminium deck boards can be cut using a standard chop saw with an appropriate blade fitted. Smaller cuts can be achieved using a hacksaw or jig saw. Spray touch up paints are available to finish cut edges in all our colours.

Synergised aluminium decking is a great conductor of heat and will remain significantly cooler than similar colours in other decking materials such as composites and timber. (Click here to view comparison chart)

Synergised aluminium deck boards are powder coated using a Qualicoat approved system and will fade at a rate less than 3 Delta E. A figure between 0-4 Delta E fade resistance is classed as excellent.

No, Synergised aluminium decking has undergone the following stringent tests and results show its one of the best anti-slip finishes on the market today.

Shod Ramp test to CEN/TS 16165, annex B and DIN 51130 Rated R12

Sliding Friction Co-efficient: Tribometer test CEN16165, annex D and DIN51131

Anti-slip Pendulum test to BS7976-2 Dry and Wet (Click here to view charts)

Synergised aluminium decking is made from recycled aluminium and is fully recyclable at end of life.

Without a doubt our Synergised aluminium subframe is the preferred option when fire certification is required. Aluminium is roughly 3 times stronger than wood. Timber or polymer subframes can be used for low level (Below 18 metres in height) or domestic applications if a lower cost option is required. For commercial applications we would always recommend the aluminium system.

Warm soapy water and a stiff broom will normally suffice.